Local Business Marketing Strategy

Many local small business owners and entrepreneurs have questions about a specific Internet marketing strategy for their small business website – What is website link building and how can it help my small business?

Website link building is the process of obtaining links on other websites that point back to your website. This is usually done by visiting sites such as forums, blogs and social sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and making a relevant post or comment and including a link back to your own website.

The reason that this link building is needed is so that a website will show up high on the list made by the search engines. Search engines have a way of ranking sites relative to each other according to various keywords. The exact formula that they use is a closely guarded secret but some details are known. One of the most important thing is that search engines pay attention to is how many other websites have a link to your website. A combination of how many links to it a site has and how good the sites are their time doing linking is a very good indicator of how highly insightful rank with the search engines.

The search engines also use these links, or more specifically the text used in these links to help you decide which keywords a site will rank for. The search engine assumes that the words used to link to a site explain the subject of the site. Many pages rank for a keyword that doesn’t actually appear on the page, but the key word is used to link to that page.

When the links to a website are properly placed on a popular and respected site then the visitors to the site will treat those links as if they come directly from the site and are therefore deserving of the same trust and respect that they give the site. This means that the links are regarded as recommendations from a good friend.

Links on a respected and popular website will also have the benefit of attracting traffic from that site. If your website also offers valuable information and a good product or service then visitors will recommend your site all by themselves. This means that links to a site can be passed on by word-of-mouth and become viral.

A good link building strategy can also help to overcome a common problem that new sites face. Without links going towards it a new site is invisible to the search engines. This means it can take a lot of time, in some cases months, before the search engines visit a new site and index it and therefore display it in search results. A way to get a site indexed faster is to have links to it from popular websites. This works because when the search engine visits a popular website it looks at the links shown on that website, then it follows those links and if they lead to a new site it will index that site.

These links are also trackable and an examination of server logs and various statistics available about the website will give useful marketing information. This information will include things like where the best places are to place other adverts and what sort of marketing messages work best.

This information about the question of small business marketing strategy – What is website link building and how can it help my small business, is just the beginning. The techniques in this strategy are always changing as the Internet and search engines change. There is always more to learn and more that can be done.