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What Uses Are There for an MBA If You Work from Home?

Working as a freelancer, contractor, or small business owner from your home offers many opportunities that the typical professional never gets to take advantage of, including making your own schedule, easily arranging as many days off as you need, and doing whatever it is you love most with the freedom to turn away work that doesn’t suit you. You may be wondering, then, if you enjoy your current arrangement, what an MBA could possibly offer you. There are, however, many possible advantages to earning an MBA as a contractor.

Attract Better Opportunities

The more educated you are, the better the opportunities you have access to; click here to learn more about how qualities like earning an MBA leads to advancement regardless of your job. Better-paying clients are more likely to trust their assignments to a professional whose resume reflects not only experience, but a high level of education. You might even make some connections in your MBA program – even if it’s an online program – that will lead to more work.

Command Higher Payments

The more educated you are, the better you’re paid in general. This applies to freelance and contract work as well because you can justify asking for higher payments for individual assignments. Not all of your existing clients may be able to afford to pay you according to your new rates, but you’ll have access to clients who wouldn’t have considered hiring you before you demonstrated the drive and knowledge that comes hand in hand with earning an MBA.

Provide Better Products and Services

An MBA will teach you not just how to market your business more effectively, but also how to provide your products or services at an advanced level. If you earn a general MBA but also seek out a specialization related directly to the field you work in – drafting, for example, or web design – you’ll learn extra skills you can parlay into a better quality product or service offering. New and old clients alike will notice the difference.

As a freelancer, you actually have more schedule flexibility than most professionals, and it should prove easier than you might think to juggle your work expectations, home life, and educational opportunities. Your MBA will provide enough advantages to make the undertaking worthwhile, even if you’re extra busy for a time. Enroll in accelerated classes and temporarily take on less work to experience the benefits of working from home with an MBA as soon as possible.